“I’m from Sweden, but used to live in Dublin. I actually made my career here, I worked in the computer software industry for about 4 years, and I had a nice life, good pay, a beautiful house, and great friends. Any young man would be more than happy to live the life I did, but I always felt something in my chest, like something was wrong. It took me a long time to realize I was living someone else’s life.

After I quit my job I travelled for a year and moved to West Ireland, and never looked back. I’m not looking for a career anymore. I work as little as I want and I plan my time. I do a lot of meditation, and now my time belongs to me. I will not sign a contract saying I’ll be there 9-5 Monday to Friday again, that’s over for me. My dreams are coming true. At the moment, I’m planning to move out to the forest in Sweden in summer, and I’m going to live in a Mongolian yurt, being a nomad for the next 8-10 years.”

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