“I rescued her from a farm. I was walking through a field when I heard a cry, and I followed the sound to a nearby garden shed and found her locked up in there. Her leg was broken, she was just a bag of bones and she had no food or water… I couldn’t just leave her there you know? And she’s never left my sight since. Our life isn’t easy, but I treat her like a baby, you know? When I became homeless they told me to give her away or else I can’t sleep in the hostel, and this is why all my things are in this trolley. It makes my life much more difficult, but she’s the only thing left in my life.”

“May I ask how you became homeless?”
“I used to work as a cleaner, but I had problems with drugs. I looked for help and they put me on medication that made me drowsy, so I couldn’t work properly. My boss thought I was on drugs and he fired me, which is funny because I never even did drugs at work. I was on rent allowance for a while, but the landlord never renovated the house, so it was in such a bad condition that the government stopped the allowance and we had to go to the streets. I did everything I could to get on the social housing list, so now we just have to wait.”

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