“I’m an artist, and my biggest struggle is keeping a roof over my head. 1991 was my year. I used to go down to the Liffey in the early morning when the tide is out to look for inspiration. One day I found a bike and it was all covered in dirt and seaweed. I’d say it was at least 50 years old. I brought it to my studio, cleaned it and put it up as a statue in the window. Now, ’91 was the city of culture in Dublin, and the sculpture society was having an exhibition in front of my studio – right at my window. The Evening Herald photographed it, thinking it was the part of the exhibition. It was one of those moments you know? And it appeared in the newspaper as the part of the sculpture society. That was my moment. People started talking about me and looking for me. After that, I went back to the Liffey and took more junk out and recycled them to various sculptures, and this is how I got the name Zorro of the Liffey. They even made a documentary about me, you can find it on YouTube! Anyway, I’m sorry but I gotta go, there’re only a few minutes left to get my meal…”


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