“I should have realized much earlier that I needed to ask for help to get out of that relationship… I was also going through a bad depression, and I guess I was just too proud to acknowledge it. I had some very deep trauma during childhood. At home I was forced to be one thing, and outside I had to act. Have you ever been on stage in front of a lot of people? I felt like that every day… Nobody would believe what was going on behind closed doors. I had to look back, several times, to realize my thoughts… I thought this was normal. I thought it’s all part of some kind of plan… I had a dream – to live in a caravan and to be on the road. I don’t like houses, they just don’t feel safe… But now I can move whenever I want, and this is the first time in my life I feel safe and free.”


“His name is Cookie – he’s 11 years old, but I only have him since October. I knew his owner. He had to leave the country, so he asked me to take care of him. On his 4th day with me, he crossed the road to see another dog and he got run over by a car. From that moment on he’s the biggest inspiration in my life. His recovery was just incredible. He was up after 4 days. He still had to wear a huge pet cone collar for another 8 weeks, but he didn’t complain at all. He got better, and he moved on with his life.”


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