“I was walking on the beach in county Sligo when I reached out to hold the hand of a beautiful girl. I knew in that moment, if she took my hand, we would be together forever. This was in 1959, and we had a beautiful life together.
And I will tell you the secret to a long lasting relationship!
We grew up through our children. Growing up means becoming less selfish, less egotistical… And we matured through our grandchildren – maturity means to see the mystery in everything. To look at a baby and see the sheer mystery of it… The secret is to make that commitment on both sides, to see the mystery in each other, and also to make the decision to love. This is hard for young people to understand, but love does happen, just like it happened me that day… But to continually love after a certain time is a conscious decision. You must decide that you’re going to love. Otherwise, it becomes shallow and it can disappear. Because of our decision, I know she’s still waiting for me up there, and it’s a great feeling.”

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