“I waited 6 years for my green card, and now I’ve ended up coming back and opening a company that takes rich Americans on tours around Ireland. When you live in America and they know you’re Irish, they’ll keep asking you if they were to go to Ireland, would you know anybody who would look after them. And I used to say, “I’ll look after you!” And then they’d start telling their friends, and before I knew it I had a new job. I really love the type of people I meet, for example, the client I’m waiting for right now is flying his own jet. I’m not just interested in their money either. These people really understand how the world works, so it’s great to have a few of these contacts behind you when you plan to make new business decisions. But I’ll tell you a secret – New York is big. A lot of people want to be models, photographers, dancers, actors, you name it…. The competition is huge. So how do you stand out? Sometimes the best place to start is somewhere small, and when you stand out there, there’ll be someone who’ll have connections to bring you further. You don’t need to go to New York if you want to be famous or successful. You’re at the perfect place for that!”

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