“When I was 16 I had to make a decision about my career. I wanted to be a soccer player. So I used to practice on the beach every day, to train my legs and everything. I had this friend, whose father had a yacht, and after training, I used to go out fishing with them. His dad would teach us how to control the ship, and I loved it. After a while, he used to get us and say, “control the ship! It’s yours!” It didn’t take much to change my career plans. Now I’m a fifth grader in the Military Navy Academy, and I’m in practice in order to be able to be an officer in charge when I graduate. I have to learn about everything on the boat – about navigation, the engine, the radars, the main deck, how to navigate using astronomy, and every other single job that has to be done on the boat, in order to supervise them later. But what I enjoy the most about it is probably the teamwork. I really love how everybody works together, just like in a soccer team…”

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