“Their names are Angel and Kala. They are my babies – literally my life! Angel is 14 now, unfortunately she had a stroke last week and almost died. I’ve been preparing myself for a couple of years now with the thought that she won’t be with me forever, but I still don’t know how I’ll manage without her. She is my shadow that follows me everywhere. Kala is 9, she’s a bit different, she does her own thing. She’s a rescue dog and has been with me 4 years. I used to volunteer for a dog rescue, and at the pound when I got her people said she’s going to be a very high energy dog and I’ll need a huge garden and big fences… I often smile when people are so terrified by her size. They think she must be very dangerous and I feed her with people, but the truth is that she’s just a quiet lazy dog. I can’t even call her a couch potato, because she’s too lazy to climb up on a couch. She’s a real coward too, if you clapped your hands loud enough she’d run away. Look, now I have to rub her belly…”


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