“I believe we are in terrible trouble as human beings, because of what we’ve done to the earth, our only home. We created a structure on the planet and we polluted the air, the soil, the seas… What more can be done? The problem is people don’t think enough, they follow the leader. And what does the leader do? Give simplified answers and choices, for everything. Yes or no. But life is much more complex. It’s more about balance rather than these binary answers, and we need to start using our brains. If you’re in a boat, and everybody is just rowing, heads down, you need to stop and look around! Where am I going? Am I going in the right direction? Look at the stars, feel the wind, use your senses. In life we have to pilot our own selves through this journey. We are already in the belly of the mega machine. Please take a moment now and look up! Life is beautiful. Life is complex. It’s a great adventure even for me in my age. And I’m sorry for making that statement, there are times when I do smile, but I want to make sure when I do, it’s engaged with my heart first. And not just one of those dishonest ones you often see.”

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