“I’m on a bike ever since I could ride it. I always cycled everywhere, and I did a good few trips around the world as well, but it only got more serious after I divorced in the mid-80s. I always had this hunger for adventure, so I decided to travel. Well it ended up a five year trip… I was a nurse too, so I worked as a nurse in most of the places.”

“Can you describe one of your scariest memories of traveling alone?”

“I was backpacking in Africa, and I was going to see the mountain gorillas. So I was on this truck, and actually, I was the only white backpacker on it, alongside all the locals, and on the way the truck suddenly swerved all over the road. When I looked up I saw a guy with a big long gun, who had shot the driver in the chest. He lined us all up, and I remember, the only thing I said out loud was “sweet Jesus don’t let him shoot us!” We had to put all our belongings out on the road, but I held on to some dollars and my passport. He took 200 dollars off me, and all the belongings of those poor people. After he left, the driver’s son, who was with us by his father’s side when the guy shot him, had to take the body to the back of the truck and continue driving… This is African life. Tough! I mean, it was back in the 90s but I don’t think much changed since then.”

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