“The opportunities are right in front of you, but you must train your eyes to see them… While people complain about the rain, I look up to the rain and see an opportunity… Rain plus wind equals dirty windows. When I started the company, I wasn’t doing anything new. I do what other people do. The only difference is that I put extra effort in! I add more value to it. I expanded my business as I’m a mechanical technician, I do everything for my clients. I don’t only clean windows, but I clean around them too, for the same price. If they have something broken, I’ll fix it. If I don’t know how to fix it, I check it on the internet. So simple! The other day a restaurant owner called me and asked if I could fix something for him. I said yes, no problem! I was ready with it in 15 minutes. He was asking how much he owes me. I thought I could charge him for it, but it was ready very quick, and I was a bit hungry, so I just asked him if he could give me a discount on a lunch. But then he said, “You know what? I have a better deal for you. You can eat here from now, at staff price!” It’s 60% off man… In the long term, I’ll get more money than I would have for 15 minutes work. Life is easy, we just got used to complicating everything!”

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