“Dublin means freedom for me! This is the place I can be myself for the first time! Only a few people knew it back in Portugal. I’m from a small city so everybody would talk about it… I’m not saying it was difficult for me because I don’t have a gay attitude or feminine manners, but often there were situations I had to act or have fake chats with people that made me feel very uncomfortable. When I came here I had no idea that this country can be so open minded, and I had no idea that I could get in the gay scene so fast… The first few days made me feel like, yes I can finally be myself without acting, and without being afraid who will comment on it… This is the first time I’ve lived alone and am responsible for myself. Like, I never even had a boyfriend before, I mean, a long relationship… So I guess it’s a new life starting here for me, and I’m very excited…”

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