“I sold a painting to a production company, and with the money I spent three months in New York City. I always wanted to see a Franz Kline piece in person. I have this Coca-Cola t-shirt, and I was wearing it one day outside the Museum of Modern Art, and I got a Pepsi from a street vendor outside. Some lady coming out of the museum looks at me, with the conflicting brands, and says ‘that’s a strong statement, I like it.’ I was just thirsty. I thought ‘That’s what you’re dealing with here’. I was amused at the Coke-Pepsi thing. Here was this lady, thinking I was consciously trying to make a statement when I was just doing what came naturally to me, as natural as taking a drink… That happens a lot in the art world. People project a lot of meaning where there may not necessarily be any… ‘I wonder why he used red, what does that represent?’ It was the cheapest colour on sale. It’s beautiful and frightening.”


Check out his page here:facebook.com/jamesdevlinnewworks

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