“I remember I had a bad feeling long before walking into town that day in 1974. When I was passing by Trinity College, this huge explosion went off. I only got the nearby blast from it. I couldn’t see what it was, and I couldn’t really locate it either, but after a few seconds two more explosions went off in the streets behind me… I could hear the tremendous noise of collapsing buildings, but I still didn’t understand what was happening. The weirdest thing was people’s reactions around me. They didn’t seem to care much. I thought they obviously had heard it, but nobody seemed to be injured and they just kept on walking like nothing happened… It made me very confused. I didn’t see a doctor for about 4 days, but after that I was on medication for 20 years. I got these strong headaches for so long. There were weeks when I couldn’t do anything, but watch TV and smoke cigarettes…”

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