“I remember I woke up and all I saw was darkness. I couldn’t move and it was silent, and I could only smell death around me. My doctor said if I didn’t spend those three days in a coma, I would have died. He said the coma is good for you, and for your mind… I was found under the ruins of our house. I lost one of my eyes, my spine was injured, and I almost lost a leg… I was in a terrible condition. I lost all my brothers and sisters that day when they threw the bomb on us. If you’re from a war country, life in another country is always better than where you came from. I’m very grateful for Ireland, that I can call it my second home, but there is a saying I found true: ‘East, West, North, South, there is no place like home.’ It’s been 12 years now, but I still plan to go back…”

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