“I do get a bit angry when I see girls complaining about body image. It hurts a lot. I battled demons with my body for years, and we have been through so much… I just had to learn how to love it. I accept it and give it the love it needs. When it tells me it needs a break, I give it a break. You know, the world is too superficial… Of course aesthetics is important and it makes you feel great, but it is not the be all and end all. We don’t need to strive for this unrealistic perfection. We’re not all supposed to have double D’s and a 26inch waist… The most important thing is to accept and respect your body. Take long walks, eat healthily and exercise. These things should make you feel beautiful and happy.”

– Niamh was diagnosed with scoliosis, which is a rear musculoskeletal disorder, when she was 13. As she said, she believes she was given a cross to carry for somebody else. Probably because she is so strong, they gave her another cross to carry, when she was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer a few weeks ago. Cancer definitely picked the wrong person to mess with! She is having an operation today, so please send lots of love for this little brave warrior!
Check out the short documentary about her beautiful attitude for life in the comments section and find her at culturedcuppa.com

Credits to Wissame Cherfi (the editor and director of WE ARE DUBLIN) and toDublin2020 – European Capital of Culture Candidate City

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