“When I was 21 I bought a Porsche from my own earnings. The year before I was just traveling around, and I spent all my money so I had to come back. When I arrived back I was like ‘now what?’ So I joined a company as a financial consultant. I loved it, and the people loved me too. I would say being successful is much more about people than about money and cars. The mutual respect is more important, and to help people for nothing and mentor young people, especially with big hopes and dreams, is great… When I was 21 I had no prospects, and suddenly things just turned around. But it wasn’t just a matter of luck. I made use of people to help me to get where I wanted, and I found the right people and the right time to do that. I think it’s very important to look for mentors in your life too. You should actually depend on them, and expect to find somebody in your surroundings. I also think people should offer more as mentors, because it’s a two way thing. Incredible friendships and amazing opportunities can born from these relationships. Being able to help people is the currency which is greater than money. It will gives a real value to you being here.”

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