“I always tried to make my parents happy in a way, but they were very strict about marriage and would never allow me to have a relationship before I got married, especially not with a white boyfriend… I actually didn’t have many boyfriends, but they were all white and my parents never knew any of them. I was already living alone in Ghana about two years when I met this guy in a restaurant, who asked me out. We were dating about seven months, and I had to hide him from my parents for the whole time. He was only in Ghana for a job but then he had to go back to Europe, so the plan was to stay together and that we’d visit each other, but after like a month he said he’s so in love that he can’t imagine being without me anymore, and he’d like to marry me… He wasn’t in an easy situation either, because he’s from Slovakia, where not many black people live, and his parents were very conservative too… But he was determined. It wasn’t easy I can tell you, but we made it through our families with a deal that we’d get married in both countries to respect the traditions. We’re married four years now, and I still feel the same love for him or even more!”

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