“I had a very strong psychic connection with my twin brother. We didn’t have to talk to each other to know what the other was thinking, and we were always together even when we weren’t if that makes sense. We played professional piano together, that was probably the best way to project our connection. He never really had to practice to play in sync, it was just so natural to us. I only realized that other people can’t communicate that way after he died. I could almost know in my head how he was feeling and what he was doing, not only if he was in another room but another country. Although there was only a 15-minute gap between us when we were born, it made a major difference between us. My rising sign is Leo, his was Cancer, so he never really left home and I travelled all the time. The difference made him very sick, as he never really went out or exercised, and he got a blood clot in the veins which caused a massive stroke. Even after he died I still had his symptoms for a good while. The doctors made me go to hospitals for regular check-ups, but the tests always came back negative. It’s a very special connection. It makes you realize you don’t really need other people in your life once you have your soul mate.”

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