“I just felt lost in my hometown. I always listened to my parents worries about moving to a different country but in the end, they accepted it wouldn’t turn me back. I had a goal that I wanted to get out and seek knowledge. If there’s one thing that really bothers me it’s when I don’t know something. When I came to Ireland I had zero English; I’m from the countryside and I’d never even been in another state in Brazil. Now imagine going to a new continent without speaking a word! But you know what? I felt safe. Music made me feel safe. I knew if everything went wrong I’d go get a guitar, sit down in a street corner and just play… But I loved the challenge of exploring the world around me, to step out into the streets and just walk and memorise the streets around me… I have big plans for life, and now I know how to get there… You just have to keep your comfort zone one step away. And that’s it!”

Credits to Wissame Cherfi (the editor and director of WE ARE DUBLIN) and toDublin2020 – European Capital of Culture Candidate City


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