“I have drawn since I remember. There were colouring books first, but then I started to draw for myself. When I was about seven or eight I found my cousin’s anatomy book; he was studying to be a doctor. He also had a human skull on his desk, and I remember touching it and not believing that it was real. I knew I was supposed to stay away from his college stuff, but this fascination made me want to have them forever. I think this book was the first major influence for my drawings. I grew up in a small town called Oswiecim (Auschwitz) in Poland. I knew what happened in the place but as a teenager, I used to hang around there with my friends looking for adventures. It’s a very sad place, and you can feel that there is still something disturbing in the air. I think the time I spent there may also have had an impact on what I paint and draw now. When I’m drawing I feel like I’m entering different dimensions… And this is what matters the most to me.

Find her at Katarzyna Sliwa – Inky Visions

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