“I started off as a motor mechanic from a young age, and later I was working with racing cars, for quite a few years all right. I drove them too. I was only testing them, but it would frighten the shit out of me sometimes. I ended up building jet engines! I worked for Lufthansa as a technician in the engine dynamics department. It was a long road, I can tell you, but I was living my dream. I was there for a quiet while, but then I wanted a bit of a change so eventually I ended up in a team working on jet engines. I always had a love for cars and planes. I have a small collection of these model planes, but I have quite a big collection of model cars. I have the whole history, up to a few years ago, of Grand Prix, and I also have a 1:18 scale 300SLR Mercedes signed by Sir Stirring Moss, which must worth a lot by now…”


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