“When I was little, waking up for school and seeing a robbed car burning outside our garden was as normal as seeing a horse in our garden. It was just normal. There were lots of fights and feuds and a lot of bad things would happen. As I got older there were vigilante riots and marches all up the road beside my house, shouting “pushers out.” It was like a film. It was something to be part of and all of us kids had a great laugh. There were shootings every other week. That was just normal too. Some of my friends ended up in prison or dead, some were on heroin. I didn’t feel like the normal one. It’s only now I’m older and the street has quietened down a bit that I look from the outside and see that growing up was a bit crazy. That’s just how it is for a lot of kids, and it shouldn’t have to be, in this day and age. But I turned out alright. I’m grateful for my childhood and I love my memories. I wouldn’t want to be from anywhere else. The bad memories made me stronger. And sometimes we had great adventures too.”

Find her at: thewronggirl.com, and Picture This

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