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Thanks to Jenny we got in touch with Conor! The response to his homeless situation has been heartwarming. You’re amazing, and Conor has been blown away with your kindness. Focus Ireland saw the story and they want to help too. You are all part of Humans of Dublin and together we can make a real difference. Thank you for being part of this team! The more of us there are the greater changes we can achieve! We will keep you posted!

Peter //HOD


“I ended up homeless back in May. I was 17 at the time. I never thought this would happen to me. I don’t have much family and my dad left when I was two. I lived with my mam in a rented apartment in Carlow. She’s an alcoholic but got herself into rehab. I was asked to go to foster care but I didn’t want to. I thought I’d go to Dublin, find a job and start my own life. I learnt the hard way that when you’re 17 with no home address and no experience it isn’t easy. I turned 18 three weeks ago and maybe life is going to change now. I’m registering with Dublin City Council for social welfare, which means I’ll be able to use public hostels for free. I want to save up some money and finally start my life…”

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