“Some years ago, while in my early twenties, I developed a quite unpleasant eye disease. When I say I developed it, I don’t mean that I created it in a lab or anything. It just sort of happened to me. I remember sitting one morn in the bedsit where I lived in Rathmines, reading a book, and thinking there was a haze of dirt on the right side of the right lens of my spectacles that I couldn’t scrub clean…and which even seemed to linger when my glasses were off my face. That was the beginning of my troubles with Uveitis. Anyway, there was a whole lot of jiggering about over the course of the next year or two with doctors and hospitals and faith healers and medications and the like. In the midst of it all one particularly weird and memorable moment occurred. The illness had been getting worse and had spread to both eyes. I was put on some new, more powerful pills. I was in that bedsit that I mentioned earlier when I suddenly started to stressfully realize that this being sick business was now my life, and that it might remain so. This could be your life – I was repeating in my mind. This could be your life. (I often chat away inside my head as though I am two or more people). Then I was lying down on the ground in a sort of depressed and shivery way until…kaboom-kabash – I suddenly became quite comforted by a strong sense of knowing that I would be fine, which seemed to be coming from outside of me. Then I tilted my head and…this is the strangest part…half sensed, half saw the top of the wall/edge of the ceiling becoming somewhat transparent. I could perceive (or maybe just imagine very vividly) lots of smiles shining down on me. A few days later I had an appointment in the hospital where I was told that my left eye was clear and that my right eye had improved substantially. That was the start of the beginning of the end of my troubles with Uveitis.”


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