“I’m starting to do some street photography as well, but I’m quite new at it. When I got my redundancy money I wanted to find a new hobby, but I’m the kind of guy who takes pictures from the corner. I worked with pensions all my life, so I’d never have enough courage to point my camera at a stranger, firstly because they may not like it that I’m taking pictures of them without permission and second is because I’m not confident enough to ask. But last week, I took a street portrait of a lady! It’s probably the only portrait I have… I was just about to take a photo of a busy ice cream shop when this lady came up to me and asked if I was French. I said no, I’m Irish, and then she asked if I’d take a photo of her. I got really surprised at the question, but I said yes. I took her portrait and straight after she turned around and was about to leave. I asked her if she would like me to send it to her, but she just replied over her shoulder ‘no, no, thank you, I just wanted to prove my existence.’ It was a very weird experience, and created a lot of questions in my mind, and I still didn’t delete her…”

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