“My father’s a filmmaker. He documented the conflict in Bethlehem and other dangerous locations. He went where the news agencies were afraid to report from. Even though it was incredibly dangerous he was always paid a fixed rate, no matter what he exposed or how long it took him to make. In 2002, a story unfolded at the church in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. It’s called the Nativity church. Many Palestinians hid in the church hoping that they’d be safe from the Israeli soldiers outside. They were surrounded for 40 days. Many of them starved to death or were killed as they tried to flee. Eventually, the Palestinian government made a deal with the Israeli government to end the siege. In return for being allowed to leave the remaining Palestinians had to leave the country. My father decided to document their departure and their journey through Europe. That was the last time we saw my father for 8 years. He followed the survivors until he ended up in Ireland, where he completed the story. When he tried to come back to us he was refused re-entry to his home. He was left in Ireland and we remained in Palestine. That was a really hard time for us. I will always remember the day that my father told us he had been granted Irish citizenship and that he was applying for visas for us. After 8 years we had the hope of being together again…”