“This is my cousin Ramzi. He’s 15 years old. I hadn’t seen him since he was about 7. When I went back to the Dheisheh Refugee Camp in Palestine he was the first person to welcome my fiancé and me. He made us tea and did everything he could to take care of us. He even accompanied us to Bethlehem. The trip took forever as everyone was stopping Ramzi to chat to him. He had time and kind words for everyone he met. It was obvious how respected and liked he is. I found out that a lot had changed for Ramzi. His mother had a nervous breakdown and abandoned him. When his father remarried, his stepmother refused to allow Ramzi in the house. He ended up living on the streets and sleeping on the roof of an apartment building. His stepmother wouldn’t allow him to stay for meals or even wash his clothes. She relished insulting him and expressed her feelings by spitting at him. It breaks my heart to know that a kind and generous kid like Ramzi suffered such neglect and cruelty. He has no idea how much potential he has…”

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