“Ramzi is being raised by the streets. He doesn’t go to school and sees no hope or future for himself. One day I noticed his scars and wondered why he took risks like throwing stones at the Israeli soldiers. He said ‘look at me, I have nothing! I don’t care if I get killed. If they kill me at least I’ll be a martyr!’ My heart sank hearing that. One thing I’ve learnt is that life can change. Ramzi’s did when he picked up my camera and took a few shots as we walked. I was amazed. He took beautiful photos even though he had never touched a camera before. He was stunned too. He instantly understood how his photos could tell a story and that they had the power to create more impact than a soldier’s gun. When our trip came to an end Ramzi told me that he had a dream. He wanted to wear a press jacket and be a photographer. He wanted to capture the images that would tell the world what was really happening. I was delighted and promised to get him a camera. Before I left I told Ramzi one last thing. I told him that I wanted him to come and live with us in Ireland. He smiled and thanked me but I saw sadness behind his eyes so I asked him why. ‘Kifah, many people have told me many things in my life but I’ve learnt that I need actions and not words’…”

– This time, you can help Ramzi to escape the war zone, please support his dream of having the life of a normal child. Check out his photos and find out more!

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