“You never think you’ll get so ill. Or that the things happening to you were even physically possible. You have this built-in hope that there’s a cure.
I thought moving to Canada by myself would be the biggest and scariest thing I would ever do, I had a career and roommates and a boyfriend there. All these things that I’d never had before. It was definitely the best thing I’d ever done. But life is unpredictable. My whole body is affected now and I get sicker every day. Making it through those days the last few years shows me each one has been a victory. The plan is to make the health part a victory too.”

– This is where our wonderful community comes together as one, and Christmas spirit shows itself. If even one seventh of our followers donated just 10 euros, Denise would be on the road to living a happier, healthier life. Be part of that seventh! To find out more about Denise and to help out, visit www.gofundme.com/10000tenners. Together we can prove just how powerful human compassion can be.

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