“I’m an office manager during the day, but for four hours a week on Wednesdays nights, I volunteer for the Social Club. I’m there five years now and sometimes people ask ‘Oh gosh, how can you do this for so long?’ But volunteering with an organisation like Simon is absolutely incredible. You just get so much more out of it than you can give. What keeps me there is the opportunity to meet other volunteers, who are the most remarkable people that you’d never have the chance to meet otherwise. I made at least three friends for life there. And also, there are the clients who tell you they live for the Social Club. That those few hours are the highlight of their week. Where people know their names and they get asked how they are, when they could be on the streets begging, watching people go by. And seeing these people you realize when you do voluntary work it’s not working for free. You just get payment in a different form, worth much more than the one you can buy stuff with.”

Louise – Dublin Simon Social Club Volunteer

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