“I always wanted to help, and after retirement I didn’t want to sit in my armchair watching TV. I felt I’d like to give back to society. Seeing all those homeless people on the streets didn’t feel right. I wanted to find the best way to make a change. One day I was walking on Grafton Street and I saw these girls volunteering with buckets in their hands. I thought fair play to them doing this in the lashing rain. I approached one of them and asked how I could join. She asked when I’d like to start and I said ‘Now!’ It was just a simple decision that made a difference in my life. It was exactly 7 years ago. Now I have my own teams and I’m very happy when people ask me where the money goes from those buckets. If I tell just a little bit of what I saw during those 7 years they’re convinced for life. Some of them even become part of the team too. So many lives have been saved and changed for good and there’s nothing that can make me feel better than to be part of it.”

Gay – Head of Community Volunteers at Dublin Simon Community

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