“I won’t lie to you, I’ve been in prison and learnt my lessons the hard way. I lost my brother and I’ve been in some really bad situations. But I turned my life around. I went to rehab, and I haven’t touched anything in 5 years now. I have a job, I work hard, and the biggest reward is the peace of mind. I have nothing to worry about! Charity work became my new addiction. You know what I did last year? I was out dancing for a charity in Northside Shopping Centre with a bucket in my hand, on my own for the whole Christmas week, and a guy came up to me and said whatever I made that week he’d match it. I made 1,300 and he matched it! In the last 18 months I boxed together over 100k for different charities. And you know what my mother said to me a few weeks ago? She said she’s proud of me. I don’t think she ever said that to me before.”

John – Boxer, bouncer, dancer and charity volunteer

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