“There were things I always wanted to do. But you know how life is – you get used to living every day like you would have them forever. But when you wake up and a doctor tells you that you were in a coma and that you died three times in the previous five weeks, you become aware of certain things. It was the heart attack that convinced me to start my bucket list. You know, this time last year, to walk a hundred yards took me ten minutes. Only a few weeks ago I came back from Kenya. I was there for a two weeks wildlife photographic safari. It was the most amazing trip of my life, that none of my doctors would recommend for me to do. It may sound stupid, but that heart attack was the best thing ever happened to me. It has opened so many doors. I met so many new people and I have done things that I wouldn’t have dreamed about a year ago. If I can give you one piece of advice – if you have plans for your life, if you’ve got any dreams – don’t wait for your own heart attack!”

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