“I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life for a very long time. Even though I’m from the countryside and I did gardening with my parents, I never really enjoyed it. It was just a task that had to be done. When I moved to New Zealand I worked in hotels and cafés while I was studying, and the house I lived in had a horrible back garden. So in order to get cheaper rent, I asked the landlord if I could clean it up a bit. I was only doing it when I had free time, but after a while, I somehow had more and more time to take care of it. Not only did I clean it up, but redesign the whole thing. It was like therapy for me. Some days I couldn’t wait to get out and do it. When I came back to Dublin I did the same with my new landlord and even made a BBQ area just to be able to call friends over in the summer. And only then I realized it’s really what I want to do. So I studied horticulture, applied for this job, and haven’t had to work a day since! I’m here 10 years now and they haven’t hired anyone else since then. I feel very, very lucky.”

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