“What makes me happy? Dancing on bridges… I’ve been dancing since I was five, and one night in St Petersburg I was walking around the city with my friend who is an actress and dancer as well. It was a beautiful night and in a split second while crossing a pedestrian bridge I had this urge… So I asked my friend if she minded dancing with me. She’s about the same crazy as me, so we just started dancing in the middle of the bridge. While people stopped and passed by, some musicians with guitars stopped too and decided to make it even more interesting by playing their music for us. It was pure improvisation without any choreography or rules. It was beautiful. It felt like a perfect moment where you just have to focus on the next step and go with the flow. It became such a great memory that I felt I’d have to repeat it one day. I kept this little dream to myself, but I waited years. I travelled to Japan, Germany, Spain, having this little wish with me, but somehow the moment never came. A few weeks before Christmas last year, here in Dublin, I was going out with a guy, who’s a musician and a composer. We had a nice night out but on the way home the weather was terrible, it was windy and cold. While passing the Seán O’Casey Bridge I felt this urge again, so I asked him. He was a bit surprised, but said okay, and even started singing while we danced. I loved it so much. I felt like I was back, completing a dream… So yeah. Dancing on bridges makes me happy! And it became my favourite project for life too.”

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