“Growing up disabled I always felt I didn’t fit in anywhere. I had no friends, the school was hell… I was abused a lot verbally, and I came out quite mentally broken. I’m not saying every school would be the same, but probably I just went to a bad one. When I came out, my confidence was non-existent. I started to play these online war games day in and day out. One day I went to an army shop to look around. I wanted to buy a riffle to display on my wall and this is where I met these guys. Well, they were a bit wild… Like WILD. They were all strong characters, some of them ex-soldiers, and it was all very new to me, but they invited me to see them playing and from the very first day they included me. They treated me as one of them. That was the very first time I felt I belonged somewhere, even though I had nothing to do, really. I saw the obstacles. But I turned to my dad and said: “I think I found my calling…”

“My friends call me Tank. I’m an airsoft fighter.”



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