“In foster care you may sometimes feel like your home is unstable, or that you don’t actually have a home. But I think my foster mother was the perfect person for me. She knew I needed my own space, and she knew I needed a home much more than a temporary location, so one of my earlier happy memories of being in care was when she asked me if I wanted to change the furniture around in my room. I literally jumped at the chance even though after some time of moving the furniture side to side and all around the room I eventually resettled them the way they were originally placed. It may seem like a simple gesture, but it’s hard to describe ultimately what it meant for me. Later she asked me if I wanted to decorate the room, so we went shopping and I picked the paint and floor and we decorated it together. After that moment, I strangely felt that this was my forever home, as odd as that sounds, and it wasn’t going to be taken away from me so easily. I felt like I was here to stay, which was such a powerful feeling for me. It helped me make the transition from staying in another family’s home to becoming a part of that home and family which I love and I now have that for the rest of my life.”

Story was highlighted by EPIC – Empowering People in Care

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