Irish girl’s incredible tale of how she and brother found forever family after being in care is truly inspirational

A young Dubliner has revealed how she found her forever family because an advert was placed in a local newspaper after her mother was unable to take care of her and her brother.

Suzanne shared her heartwarming tale on the Humans of Dublin Facebook page and her early life has inspired her career now.

And she admitted that the ad has become a running joke in the family, as they laugh over whether she was to rent or to buy, but that the lease agreement has definitely been terminated for a “life-long” deal.

Suzanne told photographer Peter Varga: “Both myself and my brother lived with my mam who unfortunately was unable to care for us due to her own difficulties.

“As a result, she made the decision to place us in care in the hope that she would overcome her problems and that we would return to her care.”

But it was not to happen like that for Suzanne and her brother: “After several unsuccessful attempts, sadly my mam passed away when I was ten.

“Even though I was very young I remember my mam always telling me to be better than her, to have and do more than she ever could.

“This has been something internally that has always guided me.”

Suzanne and her brother were later separated: “When myself and my brother first went into care we were placed in two separate residential care homes.

“I later moved to my first foster care placement with the fabulous Smith family with whom I am still in contact.”

But happily, they weren’t apart forever and there’s a brilliant story behind it: “From this home, I was then reunited with my brother in our last and final foster care placement that would take care of us until we reached 18 years of age.

“Their names are Anne and Dave and I would be lost without them. They are now my parents.

“How they came to foster me is a story in itself. An ad was actually placed in the local newspaper ‘The Northside News’ looking for foster carers to care for these two children that needed a home.

“I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of this ad years later. But imagine, obtaining these two children from an ad in a paper.

“My mam and I now joke about which section of the paper I came from. Was I to rent or buy?! Anyway, the lease agreement there is terminated and I am now a life-long squatter!”

And Suzanne now works with EPIC – Empowering People in Care – who will run their first National Care Day next week on February 19.

The team behind it revealed how proud they were of Suzanne in the comments of the post: “Such a beautiful story to share Suzanne! EPIC is so lucky to have to this amazing, resilient person on our team!”

Her story was quick to capture the hearts of Humans of Dublin fans on Facebook, with over 1,300 people liking her photo in the hour since it was posted.

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