“I’ve been on the streets for twenty-five years now. I can’t read or write, but I hold two awards! ‘Compassionate Citizen Award’ and a ‘Bravery award’. People often insult me saying that I only have animals in order to make more money, but they are my life, you know? I rescued Minty, I found him wandering around a field in Ballymun. In 2011, I was sitting on the O’Connell Bridge when a group of young guys were passing by and one of them suddenly grabbed Barney (another rabbit) from my hands and threw him into the Liffey. Just like this. I jumped in after him without thinking. The tide was low so my legs hit the bottom straight away. Everything turned white for a few seconds and I thought that was it. But I got back up and grabbed him. Sadly he died in my arms later, but I’m sure he knew I loved him. Just have a look on the internet! Type ‘rabbit thrown into Liffey’, and you’ll see it.”

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