Humans of the Elections – HOD/Newstalk Project

‘Humans of the Election’ was a collaboration with Newstalk 106-108fm, highlighting the real people behind the issues we face in Ireland today.

In the run up to the General Election, Newstalk teamed up with the Humans of Dublin to highlight the real people behind the issues being discussed by party leaders and candidates across the country.

“With the Humans of the Election our main focus was to generate discussion around topics you don’t see or hear every day. These are minorities that if you are not part of, you probably never realise their battles or what their needs are”, stated Peter Varga of Humans of Dublin who explained why he got involved with the project.

“As in all elections, candidates represent views on issues like immigration, healthcare, education, etc., and ultimately they play a vital role in determining the level of support for the funding of public services, third level fees and small business financing, among other areas. Voting is your opportunity to show your voice and have your opinion heard, just like leaving a comment on a post or sharing what you believe is right, voting promotes change. So make sure you make the difference.”

From the housing crisis to traveller rights, these brave individuals and families share their stories and ask you, the voters, to remember the real people behind the issues when deciding your vote this Friday.

Read the original article on: Newstalk/Humans-of-the-Election


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