“One day on Silk Road in Pakistan I wanted to take my group to a restaurant I was recommended, but I’d gotten the name of it wrong and I couldn’t find it. So I asked for directions from a passerby and said ‘Can you tell me the way to the Palace Restaurant please?’ And he replied ‘The Palace Restaurant? Hmm… Okay it’s a bit difficult. It’s not very close, but I will direct you there.’ As we later discovered, where he directed us was the actual Palace where the ruler of the state lived, and we knocked on the door and said ‘We are a group here to eat!’ The doorman said ‘Hmm… Okay, wait a minute please!’ A few minutes later he came back and told us ‘The Mayor will entertain you for dinner, please come in!’ So we went to the Palace randomly, and I was trying to explain the situation but the ruler said ‘Yes, yes, no problem, come for dinner’ and that he loved British people and admired Prince Charles. So he entertained ten of us for dinner for free. And this is only one reason why I love my job.”

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