“I’ve never been bored in my life, I was always very busy, and whenever I had free time I read. I loved to read. I think I read thousands of books. But my sight is getting worse and worse and the doctor said there’s nothing we can do. So I’m experiencing how to be bored for the first time. That puts me down a bit, you know? But then I meet my friends, we have good craic and I’m okay again. Laughs and jokes are the best cure for everything, I’m telling you!”

– At the end of our chat, she was opening her bag asking me if I want a donation. I got really confused and said no, no that it’s just a project I’m working on and that it’s free. She said, “Aww okay I thought because you took my photo and you were so nice and patient listening to me I wouldn’t mind giving you a donation.” 😀 –

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