“I’ve loved hiking since I was about 12. There were a group of us that went hiking every weekend. I’d leave school around midday on Friday, go home for tea, and my mother would have my bag ready to pick up. Afterwards three or four of us would meet up and you wouldn’t see us till 8’o clock on the Sunday night. We used to jump on the turf lorry where it’d take us to the mountains. We lived on sausages and beans those weekends. Later on, some girls joined us as well. Don’t take it wrong, but there was a place up in the mountains, called Mollie’s Hole, and we’d go swimming in Mollie’s Hole (it was part of the river) naked any time of the year. January, February, you name it! We were mad. At night we slept in plastic bags, one on the bottom and one on the top. That’s it! And on Sunday afternoons we would take the lorry again back down to the city to watch the Irish dancers on the streets. I had a great life. Jesus, I had a wonderful life! You guys haven’t lived, you know that?”

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