“This is my first day here I try to start a new job every three to six months. I love fresh starts and I need them. I get too comfortable very easily in the same routine and with the same people and don’t think its right. Sometimes it can be nerve-racking and challenging, but it also got me so many new experiences and friends. I’m from Mayo, and when we finished secondary school a lot of my friends went to Galway and some to Drumcondra, but I decided to make a fresh start by going to a college in Dun Laoghaire. I moved into a house full of complete strangers and started a class where I didn’t know anybody, and that was a big break free in my life. When I moved into that house full of strangers I met my best friend called Emily. I still live with her and this is actually her jumper…”


“Emily is my girlfriend and this is actually her jacket and her scarf. We all love Emilie’s clothes.”

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