“When I was young, I was often anxious or I would fidget. My mum would always tell me to relax and do some drawing. She knew I loved it and always encouraged me. She suffered from multiple sclerosis and so my school work was often distracted. Some days I would have to leave school early to collect and help her at home with my sister. Over the years, her condition worsened, but she would always support us and encourage us to do what we wanted to do. I still get distractions but now I think it’s part of my work. I’m lucky to be able to work on painting, illustrations, photography, editing and film making. I’m happy with the consistency of my inconsistency, I suppose. I spent years learning to paint real objects and landscapes but recently I started painting spacemen. It was important for me to start working within a narrative or storyline. The spacemen paintings are based on the narrative of ‘that space in between.’ It’s somewhere all of us have been. It’s that moment when you decide to take that jump. It’s that moment after you jump but before you get there. I keep my spacemen anonymous so people can relate to the work. And everyone has a bit of spaceman in their thinking.”

Seen on South William Street.

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