“You meet your mates, they get a pint for you, then you get another one, you have fun, you chat away.. But it takes a hold of some people, and I was one of them. I was a heavy drinker for 14 years, and one day my sister found me unconscious in my apartment. It wasn’t the first time either. I can’t even remember anything, only waking up in Crumlin hospital. She was there asking me, ‘don’t you think it’s enough now?’ I haven’t drank a sip since then and that was 16 years ago now… It’s great, but getting off alcohol is a lonely road, you know? I’m not the sort of person who makes friends easily. I still go out sometimes to have a dance, and order lemonade, but it’s not the same. I went to mass as well a couple of times but I don’t like them people. I’m not a mixer, you know?”

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