“Without music I wouldn’t even open the shop I’m telling you! You know what? This morning a guy came in, he is working in the council… but, anyway there was a song playing called ‘Volare’. So he went down to get his oranges and I said to him; ‘if you guess what “volare” means you get your grapefruits for free!’ Then he said ‘what do you mean? They’re two oranges!’ I said, ‘Well those things in your hands are grapefruits! Oh boy, you should have seen the people laughing! Then he’s looking at his grapefruits and says; ‘How would I know what ‘volare’ means if I don’t even know what an orange looks like!?’ The place was in racks – you can imagine… that was only about two hours ago, and there are so many conversations like that every day. This is why I’m still selling fruits here at the age of 72 and this is why my customers are still coming back; and this is something that Mr Lidl can’t beat!”



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