“It is what it is, and there’s nothing I can do to change it, so if I can choose to be positive or negative, why the hell would I choose to be negative? I don’t feel disabled, I just have more challenges. I’ve done a huge amount of travelling in my life and I’ve been in about sixty different countries. I only got diagnosed with MS two years ago, but don’t think it stopped me in any way. The airports and airplanes are very good and they really look after you everywhere. I have almost only positive experiences with the wheelchair so far but there are some cities I wouldn’t recommend, like Paris. Not only the roads but you can’t even use the metro which is a shame. I wouldn’t recommend Lebanon, Sofia or Beirut ether, well Beirut is actually worth the challenge as it’s very beautiful, but if you want to forget about your disability you must go to Germany or Austria. Austria is even a bit too much, everything is clean, spotless and shiny. There’s no challenges left, you know? I’m determined to say if you’re in a wheelchair and you’re still able to move around with it don’t let it take you down. Make plans, do your research and start moving. Only your mind can make you disabled.”

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