The Humans of Dublin Facebook page captures people of all ages and from all walks of life.

A post yesterday, featuring two sisters, has captured the imaginations of thousands with its lovely message of companionship and a life well lived.

One sister says:

We’ve both seen a lot of the world. I’ve probably been around the globe about nine times already. My husband was an agriculture professor from Australia so he traveled a lot too, and after each trip he would take a holiday and show me around.

We’re introduced to her 92-year-old sister, who lived in New York for years.

We spent a good bit of our lives separately, but here we are, back to the mother land again.

Humans of Dublin caught up with them as they had “just stopped off for tea and ice cream…”

…and found out they had no ice cream, so she’s a bit grumpy.

We’d be grumpy too!

The post has been shared and commented on thousands of times, with many tagging their friends, hoping that in years to come they’ll be still enjoying tea and ice cream together.

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